Our first home in 1991

Fry Homes, a family owned business got its start the summer of 1991. The company’s first house was a “spec home”, meaning that it was built to be put on the market to sell. As this first house was being built, , the city of Uvalde recruited an established company to relocate in Uvalde, Jim Miller Aircraft Painting. Jim Miller was at Memorial Park for a Fourth of July citywide celebration. As he was introduced by the Mayor to the croud, Greg said to his family and friends that Jim would buy their first house. It was a thought that came to him, a blessing from God. Several months later, as the house was nearing completion, Jim called Greg, looked at the house, and asked if the garage could be converted to a family room and a carport added. The changes were made and the first home was sold in the fall of 1991. That home was just the begining since then we have built over 150 homes and put in 7 subdivisions.

What we Value

We believe that the best investment that most Americans can make is to buy a home. A person can live in the home and enjoy it while building up equity in it. The Bible says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.” Homes are a place of warmth, love and security. Homes are a practical necessity that can also express a person’s personality and tastes. We built custom homes for our discerning clients – homes that will reflect their tastes and personality.

Changing with the times

Today’s homes are significantly different from homes built in the past. The design of our homes should reflect our changing lifestyle. Fry Homes likes to introduce new ideas and concepts to the Uvalde community. For example, kitchens used to be isolated from the rest of the home. Today most people want them to be centrally located. Where do you usually end up at your house or when you go to someone else’s home? We usually end up in the kitchen, don’t we? Fry Homes understands this and builds homes to meet your lifestyle.

Fry Homes builds energy-efficient, well-insulated homes that help keep energy costs to a minimum. Good attic ventilation, correct placement of double pane windows with low-E glass, and high efficiency air conditioning are always a part of the package. We have also done more and more highly efficient spray foam insulation. We build homes that we would be proud to live in.

The Owners of the business – Greg Fry, his brother Mark, and son Luke – all live in homes built by Fry Homes. Their parents/grand parents do as well.


Luke Fry

we are a major land developer as well

Fry Homes has also developed seven subdivisions over the years all but two we have sold all of the lots. Subdivisions we have put in and sold out of are Acacia Acres, Victoria Place, Briar Court, Briar Crown, and Thee View. Hope place has only 1 lot left to sell. Be sure to check out our latest development a subdivision called Legend Hills . Legend Hills has 39 acreage lots behind a beautiful gated entrance. This subdivision has a great country feel but is only 10 minutes from downtown Uvalde.