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Fry Homes, a family owned business, was started in the summer of 1991 by two brothers, Greg and Mark Fry . They pooled their money together, and designed and built their first home. Greg’s two sons, David and Luke, worked with their father, starting every day at 6:00 AM in the summer. They were 11 and 12 years old at the time and they have grown up in the business. The home was a “spec home”, meaning they hoped that someone would like it and buy it.

As this first house was being built, the City of Uvalde recruited an established company to relocate in Uvalde, Jim Miller Aircraft Painting. Jim Miller was at Memorial Park for a Forth of July city- wide celebration. As he was introduced by the Mayor to the crowd, Greg said to his family and friends that Jim would buy their first house. It was a thought that came to him, a blessing from God. Several months later, as the house was nearing completion, Jim called Greg, looked at the house, and asked if the garage could be converted to a family room and a carport added. The changes were made and the first home was sold.

Luke has continued to be a part of the business and is the company’s greatest asset today. He is knowledgeable about all areas of construction from framing and finish carpentry to electrical work, finish plumbing and landscaping. His managerial skills on the job site make him the very hub of the organization. At the same time, his people skills, his internal radar which is set to meet the needs of homebuyers, make him a key to working with clients. Luke Fry is the Fry Homes of the present and the future.

The first six years, Fry Homes built most of their homes in the Briarwood Subdivision. During that time Angel Guerrero came to work for them, and continues to work for them to the present. Greg says that Angel is the most talented carpenter ever. Anything that has to do with wood, Angel can do. He builds all of the cabinets in the Fry Homes cabinet shop. Angel is very systematic and organized, starting at the beginning and working through the process of home building in a sequential manner. He has been very instrumental in raising the quality of Fry Homes.

Fry Homes has built homes for the Greg, Mark and Luke Fry families. Greg’s parents, Haldon and Ruby Fry also live in a Fry Home. Greg believes that the best investment that most Americans can make is to buy a home. A person can enjoy the home while building up equity in it. The Bible says”Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.” Homes are a place of warmth, love and security. Homes are a practical necessity but they can also express a person’s personality and tastes.

Today’s homes are significantly different from homes built in the past. The design of our homes should reflect our changing lifestyle. Fry Homes likes to introduce new ideas and concepts to the Uvalde community. For example, kitchens used to be on an outside wall. Today they are often placed in the center of the home. Where do you usually end up at your house or when you go to someone else’s home? We usually end up in the kitchen, don’t we? Fry Homes understands this and builds homes to meet your lifestyle.

Fry Homes has also developed several subdivisions. Long Hollow Creek, 10 miles north of Uvalde on Highway 83, sold out in 2001. Acacia Acres south of the hospital near Pucinni Road, sold out in 2006. There are two subdivisions in town that that have lots available now: Briar Court between Walmart and SWTJC and also Victoria Place near Studer and Fourth Street.

Fry Homes latest project is a subdivision off Hacienda Road, east of Fourth Street, called Thee View. It is called Thee View because most of the lots will have a spectacular view overlooking God’s creation.

The future is bright for Uvalde. We are surrounded by wonderful people, a frontier spirit, and God’s great big sky. Beauty is all around us. Fry Homes is indebted and grateful to the people of Uvalde. It is our desire that Uvalde continue to be a wonderful place to raise our families. Fry Homes builds beautiful homes.

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